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دانلود آهنگ Churchill Downs جک هارلو و دراکه همراه با متن آهنگ

دانلود آهنگ Churchill Downs جک هارلو و دراکه همراه با متن آهنگ ،  در ادامه مطلب دانلود آهنگ جدید و پر طرفدار جک هارلو را همراه با متن آهنگ دنبال کنید.

دانلود آهنگ Churchill Downs جک هارلو و دراکه همراه با متن آهنگ

متن آهنگ Churchill Downs جک هارلو و دراکه

[Intro: Jack Harlow] Sometimes when I sit back and really let it register
I did everything I said I would, and said it first
I mean the world’s in denial, but they all know what I’m headed for

[Verse 1: Jack Harlow] We ’bout to feed these youngins to the metaverse
Meanwhile I’m over here just tryna pen a verse

‘Cause I’m done bein’ extra with the extroverts
The label used to wonder how I’m supposed to stand next to Vert
Prolly never thought that I would get these legs to work

I work hard, but hard shit don’t need no extra work
That’s why I show up in a sweatshirt and let it burn
The world’s mine, I just say, “F**k it, let it turn”
The girl’s mine, I just say, “F**k it, have a turn”
The G.O.A.T.s call me to the side like, “Can we have a word?”
I could’ve fronted but I did this shit how I preferred (I preferred)
Mmm, I know I should be humble, but it’s somethin’ I just haven’t learned
Soon enough I have to make these bad habits burn
Soon enough we ’bout to come and get the shit we earn
You not a fan now, but I remember when you used to be fanned out
I’m guessin’ when the whole world loves you, people only got one way to stand out
All that time in the kitchen finally panned out
I put some flavor in a pot and took the bland out

I know my grandpa would have a heart attack if I pulled a hunnid grand out
So I’m not/knot gonna pull a hunnid grand out
I’m hip-hop, do you fully understand?
Fully automatic with the jams and they don’t jam
At the shows I’m ’bout to start handin’ out programs
‘Cause y’all need to get with the program
I’m a grown-ass man, call me pops
F**k around and take your phone ass man
Everybody know Jack, but they don’t know Jack, man
They just know I got the flows and the hoes and the packed out shows

Ain’t too many cons when you playin’ with the pros
‘Cept for how your life get exposed, but I make that sacrifice for the life that I chose
I know in Toronto they got salt for the roads
But schools closed in Kentucky, so I like when it snowed
The kids carry chopsticks not for rice in the bowl
School counselors all know how they life is at home
Cold like the Minnesota Vikings at home
Before I met Drizzy, I knew he and I would get along
But it’s hard to crack jokes when you really want advice

I mean, what’s it like to touch gold every time you touch a mic? Touchin’ heights, no one gets a touch in life
F**kin’ right, young bachelor, what’s a wife?
Once in a lifetime, ’til I say I want it twice
One of a kind, know your everything is one of mine
Wanted posters with my face, they know who I’m wanted by

[Interlude: Drake] Yeah

[Verse 2: Drake] Cold hearts and heated floors
No parental guidance, I just see divorce
Therapy sessions, I’m in the waiting room, readin’ Forbes
Abandonment issues I’m gettin’ treated for

How much water can I fit under the bridge before it overflows?
My son’s gotta learn that forgiveness is a lonely road
The cribs on his will like motor homes

Niggas love to try and test us like they know what we on
Chubb’s got the magazine cover like Rolling Stone
‘Cause we already know how they rock, they throwin’ stones

Whenever you gettin’ bigger, there’s growin’ pains
I got enough pull to make the city start throwin’ games
I’m out here makin’ a mockery
I got my realtor out here playin’ Monopoly
How can I address you when you don’t own property?
They only finesse you when you don’t move properly
Destined for the win, but you don’t get a prize out of me
I’m destined for the top, but you can’t get a rise out of me
Seven-fifty for the round canaries, and they glitterin’
Man, you niggas drop trash, you litterin’
I’m overdeliverin’ to the point, it’s belittlin’
I mean, the PTSD is triggerin’
The profit is sickenin’, the stones is shimmerin’
Came from the north, but
I got hot as f**k, so ain’t no shiverin’, yeah

Lucky me, people that don’t f**k with me
Are linkin’ up with people that don’t f**k with me to f**k with me
This shit is gettin’ ugly
And every situation is transactional
And every thing they sayin’ is irrational
And every way they movin’ is promotional
Everybody’s actin’ irreplaceable, it’s like they ain’t disposable
My urges for revenge are uncontrollable
I know we’re gettin’ older though, yeah
But I gotta get a nigga back for that, it’s non-negotiable
It’s not even debatable

I’m gettin’ so rich, my music’s not even relatable
I blow her head up, it’s an inflatable
Baby blue G class, I feel like a kid again
Prayin’ on my downfall don’t make you religious, man
All I hear is plug talk comin’ from middleman
All I hear is tall tales comin’ from little men
When I say “Bitch,” I’m very rarely referrin’ to women
Most of the bitches I know are niggas, they not even women
I know that sounds like I’m bein’ funny, I’m not even kidding
Same ones that say they run the game when they not even in it
To be honest, y’all financial situation’s my biggest motivation
And how you should take that statement is based on what you makin’
Whips and chains like a dominatrix, wap, pssh
If I see ya, I spit in ya faces, ha-tu
Daytonas with the green faces
Kentucky derby races, my presence in the spot is so abrasive
Box at the Churchill Downs, that’s motivation, yeah

And shorty like, “You know that boy Jack is goin’ places”

[Outro: Drake] I know

آهنگ Churchill Downs جک هارلو و دراکه

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